How the Birds got there colours

By Archie and Aaron

Long,long ago in the dreamtime when everything was being created and when the desert was endless and bare,there lived a colourless bird in Australia. All the birds were just one colour black they had no patten just plain black.


One day a little bird[who was very hungry] went looking for something tasty. After looking for something nice he found a tasty grub so as the little bird went to eat it on the branch but he caught his foot his foot on the branch. He cried and cried and cried."Ahhhhh!" the little bird cried "What was that" said the black birds.


For days and days,they gathered around the sick bird to try to make him better but it wasn't getting better.It was swollen.The little bird said "my foot realy hurts ahhh"cried the little. " It will be ok." " Will it".They all were around the bird because they tryed to but they wernt helping.

In a cople of days the parrot burst the bubble on that was on the little bird and colours went everywhere but as the crow didnt help all the colours went allover the over birds but not him.


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