How the Turtle Got It's Shell

by Charley and Daniel

Long, long ago in the dreamtime when everything was being created and when the desert was endless and bare, lived an old turtle, a mother echidna and a baby echidna. They lived happily and shared any food they caught.They lived near the billabong, in the outback of Australia. To survive, when supplies would get low they'd go out hunting for more.

a picture of a turtle

They ate and ate and ate.One day, mother echidna realsied they had no supplies left. Mother echidna said"I will go out so that we can have are supplies full again, only if you will take care of my baby." "Of course,"he replied "I`ll look after your baby."

So the mother echidna set off in search of food. Minutes passed. The seconds turned into minutes, the minutes turned into hours. She took ages. Now the poor turtle was starving. Mother echidna wasn't back yet. Then he saw the baby echidna asleep.So he ate the baby echidna, he crunched and crunched and crunched.After a while, the mother echidna got back.

Immediately, she gave the food to the old turtle."Wheres my baby?"she demanded! "I ate your baby I was aufully hungry," the sleepy turtle said.

The echidna said "wait here while I get some rocks." But the turtle did not wait. Insted the turtle went to get speargrass.After finding the rocks, the echidna started to throw the rough rocks at the turtle that landed on his back.She was aufully upset with the turtle.The turtle threw the spiky speargrass at the echidna that also landed on the echidna's back.It carried on for ages then the stones on the turtle's back turned into a hard solid shell.The speargrass on the echidna's back turned into spines and then they stopped.The turtle said,"I will go and live near the bilabong where I will never see you again." The echidna replied,"I will go and live near the country where I will never see you again either." So off they went.They never saw eachother again. a picture of a turtle

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