How the kangaroo got its pouch

by Harry and Edie

Long,long ago in the dreamtime when everything was being created, and everything was endless and bear there lived there l loving lovely kangaroo mother kangaroo and her jokinng joey.When the caring kangaroo turned and did something elese the joking joey would run away ,he was such a hanfull. One blue sky day a wonbat apeared (who was old and tired .They found him in the outback, and thats where they lived.,

Unluckily,this wombat was hungry and thirsty so he begged and begged and begged food and water so they went through the scubs, across the plains over the hills,when they arrived they saw a lovely billabong with waving water."this is a lovely billabong with lovely water, "said wombat

Finally the now full, hydraded wombat sat down to rest.But when he finally stood up a hungry hunter spotted them.He was going to get the wombat but the kangaroo distracked the hunter and he chased her.The kangaroo ran as fast as she could.she went thourgh the scrubs,acros the plains and over the hills and she lost him."Hugh hugh hugh hugh hugh", went the lovinglovly kangaroo.


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