How The Birds Got Their Colours

By Hugo and Hayden

A Wonderful Dreamtime Story

Long, long ago in the dreamtime, when everything wa being created,and when the desert was endless and bare.There lived a little black bird. Well,not one there were lots, they were all pitch black, no colours, and best friends. Except from one bird,the crow. who was really cruel and selfish. The birds gave each over juicy,delicous fruit, they all loved fruit. There was one little bird he gets injured quite often, but loves fruit more than anything.

But one day,he was reaching for a fat, juicy grub but he slipped and stabbed his foot on a sharp, pointy branch,and shouted,"Help my foot hurts!"His foot was swollen and swollen for days.He was dying,it was even bleeding (because he cut a vane in his foot.)

After when he was in so much pain, the patient parrot and the other birds did as much as they could to save the poor little bird.The first thing they did was pour a bit of water on cotten and dab it on the swollen,bulging foot.It got alittle bit better.But, there was one selfish bird that didn't help.The crow. He was really cruel and selfish. The birds looked at the crow and then rolled his eyes back at them. And the little bird was crying "OUCH!" So they thought of something else they could do.

Until the friendly parrot decided to do the last thing they can think of. That was to pop it, so the birds had to hold the poor little bird and the parrot pecked it (SPLASH!) Colours exploded out of the foot and went on some were red some were blue and some werethe birds. Some had spots and stripes,some were red some were blue and some were even yellow, The birds were really happy about their colours. But the crow didn't get any colours, he was still black and dark but the birds love their colours. So the crow rolled his eyes at the colourful birds and flew away and so he can never saw them again.


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