Welcome to Class Four's Website

This half term Class Four have been learning about the Internet, the world wide web, and how websites work.


We looked at the school network and how the computers are connected using WiFi, routers and the school server. We went on to look at how the school network is joined with 30 billion other computers around the world to make the Internet.

We looked at how networks are connected around the world using undersea cables and explored the submarine cable map to see what route messages we 'pinged' to Australia might take.

We investigated how every computer on the Internet has a unique IP address, and how data is broken into small packets to send it around the world.

We found out that most of the computers that make up the World Wide Web are in large 'server farms' and that these use 10% of the world's electricity.


We looked at how easy it is to register and buy a domain name for a website, and how this might mean that you need to be careful when trusting websites that you visit. We looked at the country codes on the ends of domain names (Australia is .au).
The children choose the www.australiawithclassfour.co.uk domain name.

We talked about which web-browsers you could use to look at web pages, and used the explorer (press f12) to look inside and change our web-browser's copy of a web page.


We found out how Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the world wide web and HTML, which is the language used to write web pages.
The children used two programs (Sublime Text and Chrome) to help develop their skills in using the keyboard and mousepad, opening and saving files, writing in HTML, switching between programs to test changes, and de-bugging mistakes that arose.

They arranged content and images on their webpage using a variety of HTML tags like this:

	<!-- This is a comment and won't show up-->
	<title>Class Four Website</title>
	<h1>Welcome to the Class Four Website</h1>
	<p>This is a paragraph where we will be putting some text to explain things.</p>

And they chose some colours for their webpage using css styling like this:

h1 {
color: black;
font-size: 30px;
text-align: center;

The webpages

The children typed up stories they had been working on based on Aboriginal Dreamtime Stories.

Some of the stories may be unfinished as we ran a bit short of time.

Click on the links below to visit the pages:

'How the Birds Got Their Colours' by Archie and Aaron

'How the Birds Got Their Colours' by Callum and Poppy

'How the Turtle Got his Shell' by Charley and Daniel

'How the Kangaroo got its Pouch' by Harry and Edie

'How the Kangaroo got its Pouch' by Sam and Emily

'How the Birds Got Their Colours' by Evie

'How the Birds Got Their Colours' by Will and Harley

'How the Birds Got Their Colours' by Hugo and Hayden

'How the Birds Got Their Colours' by Jack and Lottie

'How the Turtle Got his Shell' by Josh

'How the Turtle Got his Shell' by Lilly and Jacob

'How the Kangaroo got its Pouch' by Owen and Poppy

'The Rainbow Serpent' by Will and Cormac

'The Rainbow Serpent' by Millie