How the turtle got its shell

By Josh

Long long ago in the dreamtime,when everthing was being created and when the dessert was endless and bare. There lived a old turtle,a mother echidna and it's little baby.They were all the very best of friends and shared any food they ate. But [unfortunately]they didn't get much. Which meant,that they were always hungry and always had to go out and hunt.

One day, the old turtle and his friends realised that they had, no food at at all.So the fluffy echidna set off to find some food for her baby and her best friend.But she took for ever and ever seconds turned into minutes, minutes turned into hours, hours turned into days, days turned into months.The turtle and baby echidna grew hungrier and hungrier day by day.

turtle without a shell

One night,the turtle lay on the rough rocks and thought if the echidna dosen't arrive here soon i might have to something very bad.The next morning the turtle said outloud"i'm going to have to do a very bad thing today".Later that day he did.HE ATE THE ECHIDNAS BABY!He chewed and chewed and chewed. Later that week the echidna finnaly arrived home.

turtle without a shell

The echidna arrived home and said ive got food but then [not sounding quite so jolly] she said "where is my baby" and the turtle said"i ate him"sounding sorry for himnself.The echidna said wait here well i go get some stones,but the turtle didn't wait.The echidna threw the rocks she had found at the turtle and the turtle threw the speargrass at the echidna the stones got stuck on the turtles back and became stones and the speargrass on the echidna became spikes.The turtle said "i am going to live by the billabong" and the echidna said " i'm living in the country "and they never saw each other again.

turtle without a shell

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