How the Turtle got its shell

By Lilly and Jacob

Long long ago in the dreamtime when everthing was being created and when the desert was endless and bare,there lived a plain turtle,the fluffy echidna and the cute baby echidna.Now,they were the very best of friends.They lived happy near the billabong.After that,they had some food.They ate and ate and ate.After that,they were full.


One day,they didn't have any food so the echidna asked the turtle "Can you look after the baby echidna?" The turtle replied,"Yes." So off the echidna went to get some food.He walked and he walked and he walked.For miles and miles and miles.Minutes turned into hours,hours turned into days,days turned into months and months turned into years.


Then a few hours later,the echidna was still out hunting and the turtle was so hungry so the turtle ate the baby echidna.He chewed and he chewed and he chewed.After,the turtle said,"Yummy!" Then the echidna came back and said,"Where's my baby?" "I ate him because you took so long,"said the turtle. "What!"said the echidna (sadly).


After that,the echidna said to the turtle,"Wait here while I collect some stones." But the didn't wait,he went to find some speargrass.Then they both met back at the billabong.What they went to collect they threw at eachother.They fought allday.Then the fighting finally stopped.The speargrass turned into spikes on the echidna.The stones turned into a hard shell on the turtle.Then the echidna said,"I will go live near the country side where I will never see you again!" "I will go and live near the billabong where I will never see you again!"said the turtle. Then they lived separatley and never ever saw eachother again!

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