The Rainbow Serpent

By Millie

Long, long ago in the dreamtime, when everything was being created and when the desert was endless and bare,there lived the most beautiful snake called the Rainbow serpent.She created the world and put all the animals inside.Although,there was a problem.

She realised,nothing moved and nothing grew,all you could see was land for miles on end just the plain dry desert.As the Raibow Serpent moved along mountans and hills formed. She grew tired afgter travelling all that way so the Rainbow Serpent said, "I am so tired I will go for a nap." after yawning several times.

After haveing a nap she was ready to create more,so she said, "Frogs come out," So all the frogs came out and made rivers and streems. "But all the land is not done yet there is alot more too be done ."Said the Rainbow Serpent."The full bellied frogs will be so usefull to help everything to live."

a picture of a serpent

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