How The Kangaroo Got Her Pouch

By Owen and Poppy

Long,long ago in the dreamtime,when everythingwas being created and when the deserts were plain and bare,there lived a mother kangaroo and her child Joey.Joey was a real handfuland one day she thought she might lose him.One day,whilst they were travelling,they came across an old wombat.Mother kangaroo and Joey lived in the bacckland of Australia.Anyway the old wombat said " I am hungry, I am thursty and I have no friends in the world.

Mother kangaroo had nothing else to do but feel sorry for him,so she said " I will be your friend,hang on to my tail and I will take you to eat".So off they went.The journey was hard because Joey kept on getting left behind,and because Joey was so tired he asked mother kangaroo to carry him,but moter kangaroo's arms were to short to carry Joey,so on they struggled.Until finnaly they got to some lovely lush grass,the old wombat ate and ate and ate.(It was good the old wombat was enjoying himself).

But then the old wombat said something that made mother kangaroo not want to do this at all."I am thirsty,I need water please,can you take me to a waterhole?".Mother kangaroo was annoyed but she could not show it so she agreed "yes of course,"she said. "Oh, thank you," said the now joyful wombat.So off they setb once more,this time even harder."I'm tired,said Joey. "Come back wombat," shouted mother kangaroo.It was like a croud cheering,it was so loud."Ow my tail,"screamed mother kangaroo."Oh sorry,"said the old wombat in a meaning tone.But finnaly they got to some fresh water.The old wombat drank and drank and drank.

A picture of a kangaroos1

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